The nutrient depletion in our everyday food has reached epidemic proportions. Due to overproduction the soils is now so depleted in minerals that it is very important that we absorb every single drop we can.

WHO recently (Dec. 2014) announced that if the soil depletion does not stop, in 60 years most of the world’s soil will be depleted of nutrients. They also mentioned that it take some 1000 years to for the top 3 cm (1.2 inches) of soil to recover. At this moment I do not see any sign of change to stop this problem, so I believe that for most of us living in big cities our best choice to get the most of the food we eat.

For example: Apple

Mineral                  1914            1963            1992          % change

Calcium                13.5mg        7mg              7mg            -48%

Phosphorus         45.2mg       10mg            7mg            -85%

Iron                       4.6mg          0.3mg         0.18mg       -96%

Potassium           117mg         110mb          115mg          -2%

Magnesium        28.9mg         8mg               5mg           -83%


Luckily the full body PEMF mat can help with nutrient absorption and I think we all need to absorb as much as we can from food.

One last note: it has been observed that organic food is not much better due to soil depletion. People buy them for not is what is in them, but for what is not: no pesticides, genetic engineering etc.