Our Four Areas of Expertise

We specialize in providing fast and lasting solutions to relieve Pain and contribute to our clients overall Well Being with:

Registered Massage Therapy, Bioflex Laser Therapy, PEMF (Pused Electro Magnetic Field) Therapy and Acupuncture.


Registered Massage Therapy: there is abolutely no substitue for human touch

Registered Massage Therapy

Investment in your

1/2 hour Massage: $60
1 hour Massage:    $90
1 1/2 h Massage:   $120
1 hour Hot Stone: $100
1 1/2 h Hot Stone: $135

Prices include HST &
are subject to change.


Bioflex Laser Therapy: probably the fastest way to Relieve Pain and restore function

Laser Therapy

Bioflex Laser Therapy has a unique three step process to deliver the fastest results.

Investment to live
Free of Pain:

1/2 hour session: $50
1 hour session: $80

11 1/2 h session: $500
11 1 h session: $800


Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy offers full body treatments


PEMF can be used to
Relieve Pain locally
or in the entire body.

Full body treatment:
10 minutes:        $10

Local area treatment:
20 minutes:       $20

Available for purchase
to complement laser
therapy treatments.


Ancient Chinese Medicine wisdom has a lot to offer in our modern word


Acupuncture that has
been around for thousands
of years, offer a
completely different
approach to Pain Relief
and Well Being.

1 hour treatment: $90
1/2 h treatment: $60

Package deals are available.

Other Services

We started out as a massage therapy clinic but moved way beyond that by offering services to contribute to your overall health.

Here you can find some interesting therapies such as Reflexology or the extremely hard to find Acuscope-Myopulse microcurrent therapy that I consider the most advanced pain relief system in existence.

Why Choose Us

Because we give you more. We invested a lot of money into the latest technologies so that we could offer you solutions that deliver the best results to Relive Pain:

  1. Laser Therapy has the highest, over 90% success rate
  2. Acuscope & Myopulse are the most advanced instruments on the market and also has over 90% success rate
  3. PEMF therapy is able to energize the whole body in mere 10 minutes and is an essential part of any well being therapy. A must for a healthy life stile.
  4. In spite of all the high end technology, we charge you significantly less than others, because in our office your health comes first!

What Client’s Say

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