Massage Therapy Benefits

The physical and emotional benefits of human touch:

Advanced ancient cultures (China, India, Egypt, Turkey) have all recognized the immense benefits of massage therapy.

Modern science explains that massage therapy increases circulation, accelerates metabolism and nourishes tissues by increasing the blood flow to a certain area.

The same process helps the tissues eliminate cellular waste. The result is less muscle tension, decreased pain and increased joint mobility making the whole body much more flexible and relaxed. Massage therapy also stabilizes the nervous system and brings about a natural balance within the body.

Massage Is A Way Of Life

Find out how you can experience its benefits

Some people find it is the most pleasurable way to unwind and get the stress out of their body that accumulated over time. Others come with specific pain related issue to get help in the most natural way possible. Many get regular massage therapy to prevent these conditions from developing in the first place.

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Similar to acupressure: massaging certain parts of the body has an effect on another part of the body including stimulation and balancing of internal organs. 

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Hot Stone Massage:
Heat radiating from the stones result in a deeply relaxing experience. The warmth of the stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

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Pregnancy & Infant Massage:
Pregnancy massage is designed specifically for the needs of a pregnant woman.
There are a number of benefits to infant massage. One of the most important is that it fosters a strong bond between infant and parent.

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“Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing” Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher
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It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.
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